A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is sometimes compulsory. Our school "SEN GLOBAL SCHOOL" is following the CBSE norms . It was established on April 2018 by name "SANFORT" and converted in SEN GLOBAL SCHOOL in 2019 Late Shri Krishan Gopal Tiwari ji started this organization and try to provide a better platform to the students. It has a huge ground with natural greenery around it. For the safety purpose now the school has equipped with CCTV CAMERAS .We have well maintained science , computer and maths labs. proper library with different type of books is available for the students. Day by day we are adding student centered facilities in school. We are providing modern education with the moral etiquettes.

As we strive to achieve our vision and accomplish our mission, we value clean, safe, healthy and adaptable learning environment. Honoring every stake holder and empowering youth to change the world, make them understand that gratitude and appreciation helps them in all endeavors.

To contribute students as best citizens equipped with loyalty, dignity, honesty and other values that build best character to inculcate self respect, a sense of responsibility, right attitude and obedience, to tap talents including scientific temper and develop the same and other human resources entrusted in our care and transform them as the best human resources to the nation.

To achieve academic excellence with the best quality education for every student and contribute sound health in mind and body and to train students to attain all-round personality development and excel in any walk now and in future.