School is the second home to a child. Sen Global School has been planned with green campus, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern teaching tools, amenities and facilities.
School management getting more student admission, ensuring student satisfaction, and much more. Having a good infrastructure with good amenities and facilities helps the students in focusing more on the studies. Teachers also feel good when they work in a safe, clean, healthy, and positive school environment.

  • Library
  • Maths lab
  • Composite science lab
  • Computer lab
  • Saturday bag less study in kindergarten
  • subjective activities
  • Comfortable classrooms to ensure student comfort.
  • Relax/play area to help the students in refreshing themselves.
  • Co-curricular activity space
  • Healthy environment is another thing to take care of.
  • Safe campus with CCTV surveillances
  • Transport Facility available all major node in haldwani.
    Note : 12 month charge applicable